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All background information on the turn-based strategy game “Artillerists” is collected on this page. If your problem is not listed here, please email us. The SolarLance team will try to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I turn weapons or an air strike zone on the battlefield?

No, it can't be done.

2. What do I get when I capture a factory?

Captured factory bring you additional income. To collect what you've earned you need to click the icon above the factory.

3. What is this red halo around the place where my shot strikes?

It shows that there is an enemy unit in at least one of the tiles adjacent to this one. This indication does not work with airstrikes, artillery strikes and missiles.

4. Do the purchased weapons disappear after use?

Weapons that you buy refill after every battle.

5. What is the “Skirmish” mode all about?

This game mode allows you to set the rules of the battle: how many weapons you and the enemy have, size of the battlefield and more.

6. My internet crashed when I was completing a purchase in the game. What now?

If your internet crashed during your donation process, just re-enter the same screen and wait a little while we add the purchase. If your internet crashed during the purchase of “revenge weapon”, wait until you get your internet connection back, click the buy button again. It will become activated without any additional actions of payment. In some cases you might have to repeat the action several times.

Help Screens

These are common images with as much detail description as possible about the elements of the graphical user interface. Studying these help screens will help you be more successful in the game.

8th Bonus Mission

Many people write us that the 8th bonus mission is impossible to complete. That's not true. There's one military trick! The mission is really complicated and the solution is not obvious. The video below will reveal you the secret.

Artillerists: Demonstration of passing the 8th bonus mission